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YWCA Moncton is a progressive, multi-service, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of  women, girls, gender diverse individuals and their families at critical turning points in their lives. We are committed to being an ethical employer and building a team of enthusiastic and skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds who are invested in empowerment, social justice, and community transformation.

Positive values:

  • YWCA Moncton sets out to achieve its goals in ethical, honest ways with an elevated sense of purpose to improving the planet and humanity.

Open & honest communication:

  • Everyone communicates in a cards-on-the-table manner, solving difficulties in a positive way. Feedback is an opportunity for growth.


  • YWCA Moncton embraces change, accommodates new trends, welcomes technology, and incorporates new skills.

Join our Team

Are you looking for a challenging career that allows you to grow and learn by valuing and building on your lived experience and contributions to our community? YWCA Moncton offers careers as Early Childhood Educators and various other community-focused positions.

We are currently seeking:

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