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YWCA Campaigns
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YWCA Moncton’s work is grounded in feminist thinking and practice. We strive to reframe challenges from an intersectional feminist perspective, to resist oppression (both interpersonal and structural), and to contribute to the creation of an equitable and inclusive society.

This approach informs our services to women and gender diverse individuals in our community, our community collaborations and events, and our advocacy efforts—and we think it’s important to share it as a form of popular education.

YWCA Campaigns

Homes for Women:

Homes for Women is a campaign to prevent, reduce, and end the homelessness of women and girls in Canada. Women are Canada’s fastest-growing homeless population. Having nowhere to call home can arise from complex causes, but poverty is always a factor. By understanding the causes and impacts while actively pursuing solutions, , we can reverse this trend.

Week Without Violence:

Every year, during the 3rd week in October, YWCAs across Canada and the world host an anti-violence initiative known as Week Without Violence (WWV). While WWV is international in scope, YWCAs focus on their local community’s needs, challenges, and strengths by offering relevant programs, activities, and events that address violence.

Rose Campaign:

The Rose Campaign is a national advocacy campaign to end violence against women and girls. Each year, from November 25 to December 6, YWCA Canada’s annual Rose Campaign highlights what we can all do to make their lives safer.

Born to Be Bold

Measuring success for women’s access to the labour market is a three-year research and knowledge mobilization project by YWCA Canada and funded by the Government of Canada. This project will engage the public, private, and civil society sectors to commit to creating systemic change for women’s equitable access to the labour market.

Using a cross-sectoral approach, this project will make use of GBA+ research to launch a national conversation on women’s economic empowerment and gender equity in the workforce. By focusing on vulnerable women, we are uncovering the three best ways to break down barriers for the diversity of women in Canada that are unable to access gainful employment. YWCA Moncton is one of ten YWCA’s taking part in the research.

Born to be Bold Interim Findings Report

In the first phase of this project, YWCA Canada conducted research activities at nine of ten participating member associations. The preliminary findings of this phase of research are shared in the interim report, which identifies numerous barriers and four recommended promising practices for increasing women’s access to gainful employment.

For the latest information and reports, please visit YWCA Canada’s website here:
Born to be Bold Travel Diaries: YWCA NWT

The Impact of COVID-19 on YWCA Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the flow of the labour market and overall work culture. To better inform our understanding of the impact of the pandemic on programs, YWCA Canada conducted a survey with YWCA Member Associations; the outcomes, as well as recommendations for developing a gender-sensitive response to COVID-19, are shared in this brief.

For the latest information and reports, please visit YWCA Canada’s website here: 
YWCA COVID-19 Emergency Response – Here’s what we made possible together

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