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Our Programs

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Our Programs

Education & Employment

Economic security, women’s empowerment, and the eradication of poverty are key intersecting themes that are necessary for women in our community to reach their full potential. Thus, it is paramount we incorporate sustainable development strategies that consider intersectionality in one’s identity and how it relates to social issues.

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Supportive Housing

We believe everyone should have access to safe and affordable housing. By providing women with housing security and supportive services, women are empowered to change their lives for themselves, and for their children.

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Early Learning and Childcare

With a pro-environment focus and a plant-based whole foods menu, Margie’s Early Learning Centre is actively teaching the next generation the importance of environmental and social mindfulness. We teach children that our choices, small or large, will not only impact our community but will affect friends, near and far, and places that we have yet to discover.

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Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach strategy aims to provide support services and empowerment for individuals within our communities. Outreach workers help empower our community by providing resources, advocacy, and one on one support, in addition to planning fun, inclusive, welcoming, and creative activities.

The YWCA views outreach as the activity of providing services to any population that might not otherwise have access. A key part of outreach is the mobility of the services provided. In other words, meeting someone in need of outreach services, where they are.

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We serve as an advisory, advocacy and leadership board that ultimately aims to enhance the wellbeing of communities through engagement and inclusion. In collaboration with community partners and other YWCA’s, the council creates environmental initiatives that either directly or indirectly incorporate social and economic justice, due to the intersectional connections environmental justice provides

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