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Our Board of Directors

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Robyn LeBlanc (She/Her/Elle)

Robyn is an Improvement Advisor with the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. She has a sociology background, with ample non-profit and community experience. She brings many skills in the area of critical thinking, diversity and inclusion, governance, collaborative partnership, community services, housing security, and mental health and addictions.

Natacha Riopel (She/Her/Elle)

Natacha holds an MBA from University of Alaska - Fairbanks and is bilingual. As the Assistant Vice President of Sales & Account Management for Homewood Health in Eastern Canada, she brings experience working with the Atlantic business community, knowledge in HR and benefits as well as Marketing skills.

Caitlin Mahoney (She/Her/Elle)

Caitlin is a Senior Manager at Grant Thornton and brings many skills relating to corporate finance, accounting, and investment management.

Lindsay Meekins (She/Her/Elle)
Board Member

Lindsay is a communications consultant for Atlantic Lottery and brings her expertise in communications and public relations to the board. She holds a certification in crisis communication management and has a strong commitment to community engagement and diversity and inclusion. Lindsay was recognized for her work with the YWCA of Moncton in Future of Good's 2019 list of 21 young people reshaping governance in Canada.

Molly Hall
Board Member

Molly is an associate at the law firm Murphy Collette Murphy. She joined the Board of Directors in 2020. Molly has previously used her advocacy skills in various organizations on behalf of women and marginalized communities and is excited to continue this work with the YWCA Board of Directors.

Michelle Tupy (She/Her/Elle)
Board Member

Michelle is passionate about community and thrives on collaborating with like-minded people to effect change. Originally from Australia and an avid traveller, she considers herself a citizen of the world and volunteers her time on boards and fundraisers to help local non-profits flourish. She is currently the Chapter Director for Shelter Movers Greater Moncton.

Jenny Tracey (She/Her/Elle)
Board Member

Jenny has been a Psychiatric Patient Advocate since 2016. She is also a member on different committees with the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers. She joined the Board of Directors for YWCA Moncton in 2020.

Sima Eskandari (She/Her/Elle)
Board Member

Sima is a Corporate Director of Organization Development at JD Irving. Her background is in Human Resources Management & Organization Development. Originally from Iran and educated in Europe and the Middle East, she has worked with several multinational companies over the past 20+ years. She is passionate about positively influencing organizations and individuals’ development journeys. She is very active in her community, supporting women in leadership and newcomers to the province in their professional advancement.

Heather Fraser (She/Her/Elle)
Board Member

Now retired, Heather managed Natural Resources for over 40 years, 30 of those being with the City of Moncton. Her passions include being in nature every day if possible, making a difference in women’s lives, and volunteering in the community, which began over 25 years ago when she chaired (and wrote the newsletter for) the Friends of TNB theatre group. She has also organized International Women’s Day events, urban forestry conferences, and outdoor recreational workshops.

Carly Johnston (She/Her/Elle)
Board Member

Carly is a Community Relations Specialist at J.D. Irving and has her Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University. Building off her experience in communications, stakeholder engagement, and community investment, she is charged by connecting with and supporting community members through empathy and compassion while embracing everyone’s differences. She is also an active volunteer on the J.D. Irving - United Way fundraising committee which includes facilitating various fundraising and volunteer initiatives throughout the year.

Denise Pettis (She/Her/Elle)
Board Member

Denise is a retired professional with a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. In addition to being an active community volunteer and supporter of women’s causes, Denise brings to the Board her experience in corporate social responsibility, board governance, environmental stewardship, and the not-for-profit sector.

Chinwe Uziogwe
Board Member

Chinwe is an IT Business Solutions Manager with Alcool New Brunswick Liquor Board (ANBL). She lends an “Execution Mindset" to the YWCA Moncton, is deeply committed to community development and volunteering efforts, actively engaging in initiatives aimed at motivating communities. Her dedication and passion for creating positive social change and fostering inclusive environments. Chinwe inspires others to join in efforts to uplift individuals and promote equality, diversity and Inclusion.

Érika Cantu
Board Member

A citizen of the world, Érika decided to put her roots down in Greater Moncton. She is currently the Manager of the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership. A results-driven leader, Érika leads with purpose and humanity. She truly believes in the importance of the sense of belonging in a community.

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