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YWCA Moncton has been engaging and inspiring young women and gender diverse individuals since 1920.

YWCA Moncton encourages youth social and environmental innovation by providing a council and space for women and gender diverse individuals to engage in advocacy through youth-led social movements. History educates us to never underestimate a small group of thoughtful, committed, individuals and their ability to change the world, as our organization and many other movements a reliving proof.

Our Council

The Youth Council holds monthly meetings and serves as an advisory, advocacy and leadership board that ultimately aims to enhance the wellbeing of communities through engagement and inclusion. In collaboration with community partners and other YWCAs, the council creates environmental initiatives that either directly or indirectly incorporate social and economic justice, due to the intersectional connections environmental justice provides.

Brave YW

Through the Brave YW project, YWCA Moncton is developing an innovative approach to creating awareness of human trafficking among at-risk youth and prevention actions youth can take to avoid victimization, by:

  • Providing direct service supports to young women and gender diverse individuals who are being trafficked or at heightened vulnerability for exploitation/trafficking.
  • In collaboration with Brave YW participants, developing and promoting resources to identify signs of human trafficking.
  • Advocating for potential youth victims and youth victims of exploitation.
  • Providing access to wrap-around supports and resources;

For more information about the program, please contact Ashley MacDonald at

I love that we get to learn things in a fun way. It’s not like school.

~ GirlSpace programming participant


GirlSpace is a free program for girls, trans, Two Spirit and gender non-conforming youth.
Youth will participate in a variety of workshops and activities, all designed to bolster their self-esteem as well as develop leadership and critical thinking skills. This program is a safe space to form connections and friendships, all while learning about topics such as self-esteem, mental fitness, healthy relationships, and many others.

Healthy Relationships

Mutual respect | Trust | Honesty | Support | Fairness/equality | Separate identities | Good communication

Mental Health

Talking about your feelings can help you stay in good mental health and deal with times when you feel troubled.


  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Surround yourself with a support squad
  • Take an internet or social media detox
  • Do what you love
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