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Our Dedicated Team

From providing early childhood education to helping women find housing, empowering them to find employment, and creating safe spaces for youth to thrive, our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our community.

Michèle Nadeau (She/Her/Elle)
Executive Director
Michèle lends her vast expertise, commitment, drive, passion and vision of creating a better world for all to the YWCA movement. An inspiring changemaker, she has a solid lead-by-example approach that is backed by over a decade-long dedication to the agency.
Alicia Mazerolle (She/Her/Elle)
Associate Director
With more than a decade of experience at YWCA Moncton, Alicia brings lived expertise, diverse skills, and passion to YWCA Moncton. Respected by her peers and teammates, she is a solid feminist and youth advocate, who is dedicated, determined, and always willing to extend a compassionate ear.
Jonah Krizel Mendoza (She/Her/Elle)
Administrative Assistant
With her contagious smile, Jonah is always welcoming and willing to help her teammates, clients, and the community. Her excellent organizational skills, resourcefulness, creativity and sharp sense of the needs of others make her an invaluable part of the YWCA family.
Harmandeep Kaur Aulakh (She/Her/Elle)
Harman is a passionate and approachable social justice advocate, who brings vast nonprofit sector, human resources, and community development experience to our agency. She is a strong feminist with a warm personality and loves empowering people to make positive changes in their lives.
Swapnil Shinde (He/Him/Il)
With many years of experience in finance management, Swapnil is a team player, who always wears a welcoming smile. He is calm and humble, he is always ready for a challenge, and he loves to assist his teammates in finding solutions that make their work easier.
Ewa Dadana (She/Her/Elle)
Project Manager
With a no nonsense approach, Ewa has a keen willingness to take on new challenges, learn, and grow professionally. She is a devoted team player who is efficient, resourceful, and organized and loves welcoming new staff to the YWCA Team.
Gillian Clement (She/Her/Elle)
Green Initiatives Program Manager
Gillian brings a passion for the environment and years of experience in engaging individuals in science. She is friendly, dedicated and acts with purpose to responsibly steward the environment while encouraging young people to learn about and care for our natural world.
Ray Kelly (He/Him/Il)
Green Initiatives Program Assistant
Ray enjoys being outdoors and observing and caring for the natural environment. His desire to live as a responsible citizen is evident in his choices and daily living. Ray is thoughtful, creative, and kind to others, and loves to share his passions with others.
Karen Geraghty (She/Her/Elle)
Kitchen Manager
Karen is the longest running staff member of the YWCA. As Kitchen Manager, she is responsible for creating all the delicious plant-based food on the menu. She is passionate about the quality of food that comes out of the kitchen and loves to see the children enjoying their meals and snacks.
Kathryn Kelly (She/Her/Elle)
Kat has that creative spark in the kitchen and can magically whip up pretty much any delicious dish from scratch. She loves to try new recipes and always strives for quality when it comes to serving the children in our Early Learning Centre. Always reliable, she never hesitates to help out whenever she can. She is an amazing asset to the YWCA Moncton team.
Shaine Savoie (She/Her/Elle)
With a background in counselling and several years of experience working in emergency shelters and supportive housing, Shaine brings valuable skills to the Housing Team. She understands the struggles people experiencing homelessness are dealing with. Her passion lies in empowering vulnerable people and bringing about positive change.
Darlene Knott (She/Her/Elle)
Bringing over 25 years of experience supporting domestic violence survivors in transition houses across British Columbia and Ontario, Darlene has shifted her focus to facilitating programs for women's empowerment. Her positive attitude, creative spirit, and infectious smile continue to have a transformative impact wherever she goes.
Jessica Woloschuk (She/Her/Elle)
Jessica brings over a decade of experience working in Family and Childhood intervention. She is a strong advocate for affordable housing and is passionate about empowering women to live successful and meaningful lives.
Natalie Leger (She/Her/Elle)
Open-minded, empathetic, and resourceful are words that spring to mind when describing Natalie. She is always up for a new challenge and she is passionate about helping people navigate community resources and find stable housing.
Nikki Kennedy (She/Her/Elle)
Nikki has several years of experience working with vulnerable populations, including families and youth. She exudes compassion and gentleness and easily connects with those around her. She is passionate about helping women and families realize their full potential.
Ashley MacDonald (She/Her/Elle)
Coming all the way from YWCA Yellowknife, Ashley brings over 10 years of experience in providing impactful youth services. Friendly, sensible and dependable, she is committed to making sure our community has the resources and tools needed to support youth.
Susan Craib (She/Her/Elle)
Susan brings her experience from working as a Child and Youth Care Worker and her passion for engaging at-risk-youth. She is self-driven, a great team player, resourceful and is committed to professional and personal growth. Many youth would say that she is an inspiration to them.
Melanie Morin (She/Her/Elle)
Melanie studied criminology at the University of Moncton and brings a lot of knowledge and valuable insight to issues youth are facing today. She shares her love for animals first, and her name second. She is kind, dependable and the first to support her team and help youth.
Angel Theriault
With years of community support experience, Angel brings great insights to the team. Kind, empathetic, and always willing to lend a hand, Angel goes above and beyond to make sure colleagues and community members feel supported and cared for.
Melissa Martinello (She/Her/Elle)
Supportive, organized and considerate, Melissa provides support services that are attentive to the individuals she serves. With her accepting and insightful approach, Melissa guides individuals at their own pace towards the goals they have identified for themselves.
Meghan Jonah (She/Her/Elle)
Caring, friendly, and approachable, Meghan has a natural talent for seeing the strengths in others and inspiring them to see it in themselves. She is devoted to the folks she serves, advocating and navigating systems to make sure they have everything they need to realize their goals.
Charneet Kaur (She/Her/Elle)
Charneet is a warm and caring individual who radiates positivity wherever she goes. With a background in working with young women, she is an asset to the Employment Team. She does not back down to any challenge that is put in front of her and she is a great supporter for the women she works with.
Funmi Onayemi (She/Her/Elle)
Funmi is an ambitious professional with unquenchable enthusiasm and a contagious positive attitude. She is passionate about helping women find a career that inspires them and empower them to remove barriers.
Camila Fernandez (She/Her/Elle)
Camila creates a feeling of safety and calm every time she walks into a room. She has a knack for making people feel welcome, heard, and valued. She is energetic, creative, and always ready to provide support. She loves connecting with people, in English and in her native Spanish.
Viviana Duran (She/Her/Elle)
Originally from Colombia, Viviana brings valuable professional experience and her vibrant personality to the team. She has a great work ethic and gets things done with a smile. She loves to share her language and culture and is excited to pursue her career path in New Brunswick.
Christien Soney (She/Her/Elle)
Employment Program Facilitator
Christien brings with her a vast knowledge of technology that she shares with both participants and teammates. She radiates confidence and takes much pride in her work. Her professionalism and skills are an asset to the team.
Angela Brushett (She/Her/Elle)
With her undeniable love of children, Angela passionately leads a diverse team of Early Learning Educators and ensures that Margie’s Early Learning Centre and the Friends Academy afterschool program are inclusive environments where children blossom.
Jinyoung Park (She/Her/Elle)
As Early Learning Centre Manager, Jinny assists her fellow educators in planning and documenting the children’s learning. She has many great ideas that she shares with the team and helps put these ideas into practice. She has a passion for learning and seeing children thrive.
Heather Surette (She/Her/Elle)
As the first staff member to join YW Margie’s Early Learning Centre, Heather continues to be a valued and trusted team member. She is often sought out for advice from other members of the team. Her love for the babies is undeniable and is the center of everything she does.
Crystal Rigby (She/Her/Elle)
Crystal is a dedicated staff member with a wealth of knowledge who does not hesitate to lend her support to her fellow educators when needed. Her creativity and extensive library of books and activities have been valuable assets to the team.
Jordyn Johnson (She/Her/Elle)
Early Childhood Educator
Jordyn is like a breath of fresh air to whoever she meets. She is always happy and joking around with her fellow team members. She is very kind and loving with our younger children and loves all the snuggles. She ensures the children in her care feel loved and secure.
Robin Way (She/Her/Elle)
Early Childhood Educator
Creative, messy and adventurous are the best words to describe Robin’s teaching style. She does not shy away from trying new things and allowing the children to try new things as well, no matter how messy it may get. To her, it is all about the experience.
Amanda Smith (She/Her/Elle)
Early Childhood Educator
Amanda is passionate about giving children the freedom to explore their environments. Her love of music is passed along to the children and you will often see the children in her class dancing and singing along to the music being played.
Amandeep Kaur (She/Her/Elle)
Early Childhood Educator
Amandeep has won over the hearts of our infants and their families. Her love for children and her kindness show through every day. Her calming nature puts everyone around her at ease.
Gursimrandeep Kaur (She/Her/Elle)
Sim obtained her Early Childhood Education diploma in Montreal and this is her first experience working in a NB Early Learning Centre. Her love for teaching children is evident in her daily interactions with them. She really enjoys doing crafts with the children and implementing hands on and play-based strategies for experimental learning.
Liudmyla Hushtyuk (She/Her/Elle)
Mila has vast experience working in Early Learning Centers around the world and has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She thrives working with preschool children and she is dedicated to providing children with the best possible education and care.
Risolat Babaeva (She/Her/Elle)
Risolat has been an Early Childhood Educator in many different areas of the world, and she is also a Montessori Certified Educator. She brings her diverse teaching experience to the Early Learning Centre and has created a rich, engaging learning environment in her classroom.
Tonya Gallant (She/Her/Elle)
Tonya is passionate about helping children learn and grow. She enjoys interacting with the children and engaging in their play, which allows her to build strong relationships with them and their families.
Suaad Taha Owaid (She/Her/Elle)
Suaad is warm, kind, and loving with the children and is confident working with all age groups. She is reliable, loves to learn, and is and always willing to help where needed.
Amanda Maillet (She/Her/Elle)
Mandy joined the team as a Casual/Relief Staff. She brings with her many years of experience working with children of all ages in the Early Learning Centre settings and her love of children is evident every day. She understands and promotes play-based learning and provides the children with valuable learning opportunities.
Meilyn Melgar (She/Her/Elle)
Meilyn joined the team as a Casual/Relief Staff. Meilyn has experience as a teacher in Honduras. She is always up for a new challenge and loves learning new things. Her patience, caring, and understanding are evident in her interactions with the children.
Monika Mungalpara (She/Her/Elle)
Monika joined the team as a Casual/Relief Staff. She was a teacher in India for approximately five years. She has a passion for learning and wants to further her education in Canada. She has been working mostly with our infants/toddlers, an age group she especially loves connecting with.
Chris Aloysius (She/Her/Elle)
Chris joined the team as a Casual/Relief Staff. She has many years of teaching experience at a school in India. She has a calming personality and is very attentive to the children’s needs.
Maria Pedrosa (She/Her/Elle)
Early Childhood Educator
Maria brings with her a wealth of experience from her time working in Montreal. She believes in working as a team and supporting each other for the well-being of the children. Maria allows the children to lead their learning by providing a variety of opportunities in her classroom.
Ruslana Koval (She/Her/Elle)
Early Childhood Coordinator
Ruslana joined the team as a relief staff. She brings a lot of experience teaching to many different ages. She enjoys working with our younger children and watching them learn and grow.
Bethany Geldart (She/Her/Elle)
Early Childhood Educator
Bethany joined the team as a relief staff. She is currently working towards her Early Childhood Education qualification. She enjoys working with children of all ages and brings lots of new ideas to the team.
Veronica Walker (She/Her/Elle)
Veronica joined the team as an Individual Support Worker. Her wealth of knowledge around behavior and classroom management, engaging children, and her outgoing personality have made her a valuable member of the After-School/Summer Camp team.
Maggie Woodard (She/Her/Elle)
Individual Support Worker
Maggie is an individual support worker in our after-school program. She also works as an Educational Assistant for the Department of Education during the school year and has vast experience working with children with special needs.
Erminia Melanson (She/Her/Elle)
Erminia has a natural talent for connecting with people, and she relishes the opportunity to learn about their backgrounds. Her compassionate, empathetic, and supportive approach helps her clients feel at ease in her presence. She is dedicated and committed to empowering and advocating for her clients as they navigate the complexities of the family law system.
Linda Gutteridge (She/Her/Elle)
Linda is a natural teacher, who excels at explaining complex concepts in a way that's easy to understand. With patience, empathy, and a dedication to her students' success, she goes above and beyond to help them reach their full potential. In addition to her teaching skills, Linda is also a talented handworker with a creative flair and with her green thumb, she is a great help with the YWCA garden project.
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