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Supportive Housing
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A Home for All

We believe everyone should have access to safe and affordable housing by providing women and gender diverse individuals with housing security and supportive services so they are empowered to change their lives for themselves, and for their children.

Program Description

YWCA Moncton’s A Home for All Housing Program provides safe affordable housing, for single individuals and parents who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or precariously housed. Our services are bilingual and use a client-driven, strength-based, gender-based, and trauma-informed approach.

Community Housing

Housing units are throughout the Greater Moncton Area and are for single individuals, women and gender diverse individuals and/or parents 19 years and older. We recognize that our participants have been through many challenges regarding homelessness, traumatic pasts, addictions and/or mental health, and we guide them towards the right programs, services and resources, so they can transform their lives.

What is community housing?

We provide safe, secure, affordable and supported housing, to single women and gender diverse individuals, who experience homelessness or have barriers to stable housing.

Thank you so much for the blessing you’ve given my daughter and me! We are very thankful for everything you guys have been doing for us!

~ Anonymous Housing Wing Resident

What we Offer

  • A furnished apartment
  • Financial management
  • Home visitation
  • Eviction prevention
  • Case planning
  • Service navigation
  • Individualized support
  • 24-hour emergency on-call support.


Individuals who identify as women or gender diverse are eligible for our program if they are: homeless or at risk of homelessness, and in receipt of income assistance. Potential participants require approval from their Social Assistance worker to participate and agree to sign and uphold repayment plans, should they have arrears with Social Development (NB Housing).


Make an appointment to complete an intake. Once the intake has been completed, the participant is placed on a waiting list until a unit becomes available.

Please contact the Program coordinator for more information:
Patricia Coucheir at

The Young Mothers’ Housing Wing

We have 3 bachelors and 12 one-bedroom safe and secure units within the YW Jean E.S. Irving Centre for individuals as young as 16 who are single, pregnant, or parenting one child under the age of 5.

With the many wrap-around services offered on-site from childcare, life skills development, financial literacy, employment programs, GED, etc., they can access the resources and services they need to transform their lives.

The YWCA has changed my life. I don’t know where my son and I would be if it wasn’t for them. The YWCA was able to accommodate a perfect, reliable & safe housing unit for me and my son. We couldn’t be happier.

~ Anonymous Housing Wing Resident

What we Offer

  • A safe, nurturing environment to learn and focus on parenting.
  • Participants receive a self-contained one-bedroom apartment or bachelor unit.
  • Access to common areas such as a family room and a fenced-in backyard
  • Individualized case management and home visitation support.
  • On-site group and one-to-one programming
  • Referral to key community resources.
  • 24-hour access to on-site staff.


Young women and gender diverse individuals ages 16 and up who are either pregnant or are independently parenting one child, and single women and gender diverse individuals. Individuals must be homeless or at risk of homelessness and be in receipt of income assistance. They must also require approval from their Social Development worker, and agree to sign and uphold a housing agreement.


Make an appointment to complete an intake. Self-referrals are always welcome.

Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information at:

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