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“Advocacy is the result of intention meeting action for the purpose of social change.

For YWCA Moncton, advocacy is the process of identifying systems that contribute to social and gender inequity, creating supports to help people address barriers to meeting their needs, and working actively with others to effect change, at a policy level, to ensure a society with greater equity and opportunity for all.

Advocacy is embedded in the work we do every day and in every way.

Being informed by, and amplifying, the voices of individuals with lived experience, YWCA Moncton has adopted a transformative change agenda focusing on six priority social issues: Affordable Housing, Environmental Action, Education & Food Security, Economic Empowerment, Inclusion, and Youth.

YWCA Moncton is committed to cultivating strong relationships, internally and externally, to achieve powerful collective results in the community and beyond.”

Jewell Mitchell
YWCA Executive Director 2009-2018

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