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Our Cause
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Our Cause

YWCA Moncton is for, by, and about women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse individuals. We transform lives by providing a continuum of critical services and programs that build capacity for lasting positive change by promoting the economic security, wellness, safety, and opportunities for women, girls, Two-Spirit, gender diverse individuals and their families. Our organization strives to incorporate an environmental approach to social justice that addresses the root causes of inequality, violence, poverty and homelessness.


We support, unite, and empower all women, Two-Spirit, trans, gender-diverse individuals and their families through advocacy, education, and integrated programs and services that foster independence, wellness, and equity for all.


Empowered individuals inspiring communities and leading engaged lives.

Core Values

YWCA Moncton is committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all. We recognize that our environment also includes the natural spaces and act responsibly to ensure our actions conserve the environment for present and future generations. We've embraced seven core values to steer our actions at every level of our organization. Our staff and volunteers pledge to act with integrity in their interactions with program participants, colleagues, volunteers, community partners, the broader community, and the natural environment.

1.     Compassion & Respect
We collectively ensure that YWCA Moncton is a safe and compassionate place to work, learn, and grow. We meet people where they are and take pride in our ability to respond and adapt to the diverse needs of our community. We embody compassion and respect in all that we do.

2.     Empowerment
We strive to meet the needs of women, children, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse individuals, while also recognizing and supporting the needs of our staff and volunteers. We empower them to develop their independence and achieve their goals by providing, or connecting them to, the right resources.

3.     Wellbeing
We believe in, and are committed to, promoting the health, wellbeing, and safety of all women, children, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse individuals who access our programs and services. We equally value our staff and volunteers, understanding that a supportive work environment not only enhances their wellbeing, but also improves the quality and effectiveness of our services to the community.

4.     Making a Difference
We foster and encourage innovative ideas and bold leadership to ensure our sustainability. We are committed to challenging ourselves to evolve and expand our impact in our community.  

5.     Advocacy
We are dedicated to advocating for the needs of all women, children, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse individuals, so they can thrive in equitable communities. We believe every voice matters.

6.     Collaboration
Through internal teamwork and collaboration with community partners and stakeholders, we hold ourselves accountable to making a difference in our community.

7.     Diversity & Equity
Our goal is to foster an inclusive and safe environment where every individual feels a sense of belonging and
can be their authentic selves, no matter who they are or where they come from. We recognize that
through our differences, we are all human beings who have something valuable to contribute to
our community.


YWCA Moncton exists to support and empower women – and their families – through advocacy and integrated services that foster independence, wellness, and equity for all.


Inspired women leading empowered lives.


We operate sustainable and financially secure programming. We remain transparent and accountable to stakeholders by managing risk and implementing relevant and purposeful governance policies and practices.


  • Is it sustainable?
  • Is it in line with our environmental objectives?
  • Is it consistent with our organizational values?
  • Will it further our mission?
  • Is there a demonstrated community need?
  • Are we the right or best organization to do it?
  • Should we collaborate, refer, or support others?
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